Growth Habit Estab. Rate Days LHC Tol. 1/2" Mowing Freq. Traffic Tol. (Brinkman) Thatch Prod. Comp. Mix N Req Shade Tol. Cold Tol. Drought Tol. ET Rate mm/day Endophyte Salinity Tol. mmhos
Bunch Fast 3-7 days Fair 3x week Good None Good High 8-10 lbs. Fair-good Very good Fair Med. 10-11 >0% 6 Poor
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Texas A&M University-Overton

Axcella is the first turf-type annual ryegrass developed exclusively for turfgrass utilization. Axcella was developed from plant types that exhibited a “dwarf” growth habit. Axcella has greater shoot density, narrower leaf blades, less vertical forage growth and a darker green leaf color than standard annual ryegrass cultivars. Axcella exhibits strong seedling vigor for fast ground cover establishment and durable dense turf for improved traffic tolerance.

Axcella is best utilized for winter overseeding of dormant bermudagrass where fast transition on golf course fairways, roughs and out-of-bound areas, home lawns, commercial sites and sport fields mowed ½ inch or higher is desired. Axcella is used alone or in blends and mixtures as an economical alternative to improved perennial or intermediate ryegrass.

Axcella (code ABT-99-3.268) was tested in the 1999-2000 NTEP On-Site Test of Grasses for Overseeding of Bermudagrass Fairways across 10 U.S. locations.  Results indicate that Axcella had similar or better overseeded turf quality than Transist intermediate ryegrass in ½ inch fairway cut trials @ Tucson, Orlando and Myrtle Beach, respectively.  Axcella was also evaluated in private overseeding tests during 2001 across much of the southern U.S.  Data is available upon request.